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Musical/Visual Improvisations

From 1996 to 2002 Bart presented a series of workshops and performances that brought together improvisational musicians and painters to create together. The simple premise would be that the painters listen and respond to the musicians who were looking and responding.

Joel Futterman, Kidd Jordan and Alvin Fielder perform at Mississippi State University November 21, 1997. Recording of this concert can be heard on Drimala release "Southern Extreme"

Musicians Bart has worked with include: 

Alvin FielderKidd JordanJoel Futterman, Elton Herron, Assif  Tsahar, Susie Ibarra, Chad Anderson, Chris Parker, Henry P. Warner, London Branch, Dave DoveJoe Jennings, Bruce Golden, Joee Conroy, Dan Willems, Heather FloydChris Willems, Misha Feigin, Jacob DuncanSteve Good.

Visual Artists Bart has worked with:

Chad Anderson, Jason Greene, Dylan Karges, Sylvain ChamberlainBrenda Wirth

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